My first day at my local government ward meeting was weird and I would say not disappointing. In fact, Some of my friends had literally told me that they would kill me that day, because such meetings are usually rough and they usually end up fighting. As you must have figured, that didn’t stop me and I’m still alive. A friend of mine had advised me to go establish myself in my local ward if I really want to be involved in politics. My motive for politics is another topic entirely. . . I can assure you that you would find out if you read some of my blogs.
Anyway, this is about the meeting and let me give you a clue to what you would be reading. It is not fiction neither is it a fable. The meeting lasted for 2 minutes after I took my seat which was immediately after the secretary ( akowe ) finished reading the minutes. . . There was chaos, bottles, chairs been thrown around, running ( of course, by the women) and exchange of words and gloating of what charms and what charms each had. (OK , “juju” would better describe the word “charm”, it sends the message home). They shared N50,000 . You might want to ask me which “ they ” again. Yes , the same people that fought. . . I wasn’t surprised as to how money can bring people of different opinions together in less than fifteen minutes. I have heard the political fathers of the nation do such ( or how else would Pres. Jonathan have won in a largely populated ACN state like Lagos) so, it’s just logical to see it manifest down the line. The meeting was adjourned after the sharing of the money and some factions communicated amongst themselves another day of meeting apart from the scheduled 15-dayz meeting which is supposed to hold in another 15 days. The exchange of words continued till everybody departed either on bike or by car or on foot. Apparently, there is a conflict amidst these people that scattered the meeting much more than the secretary not reading the minutes properly, and don’t ask me if that is why they scattered the meeting? OK, now that you’ve asked, YES , some said he read it properly, some said he didn’t and there was a see-saw like argument, yes , no , yes , no and I heard the sound of a bottle hitting the floor! ! ! So what actually happened!
If you are not interested in politics, you can just stop here, and take a look at my article, the political altar call, If you are still not convinced, then you can go and do some other things, but, if you like political jargons and party politics, or you ended up been convinced by my political altar call article, then welcome! ! !
ACN is the party, Ilesa East Local Government, Ward 10. I had been to the general meeting the day before and I had been informed of my ward and where the meeting was going to hold. I had also learnt in this general meeting that a conflict had just been settled in my ward and there was going to be a meeting! This general meeting had been short and only youths from my ward had raised issues of how ward leaders had pocketed what was meant for ward members at every meeting and that ward members do not have any idea of what exactly was attributed to them, so whatever the ward leaders share is what the ward members would get without knowing if it was supposed to be more, definitely not less( and don’t ask me what they are sharing. . . there’s only one thing they share in this country in such places). Another raised an issue as to why there were no more general youth meetings in the state and why youth leaders in the local government do not feature from the state especially when the state governor who according to Bode George has dropped his engineering title for a you-must-notice-title, Ogbeni , Rauf Aregbesola was from the local government and from the ward, yes, my ward. . . the replies were short and the benediction was said. A mayowa who was the clerk for the general meeting had told me to come for the ward meeting the next day which was to hold in a public school, he was also responsible for a large part of my ward meeting chaos and so I went. . . at first it was raining, so I went late with the hope that they wouldn’t be around as Africans wouldn’t take such matters seriously, when I got there, I found it difficult to find a seat.
The minutes were not read properly!!! They were read properly!!! They were not, They were, They were not, They were. . . and so did the cycle continue until I heard a deep voice of an obviously old man who later told me that he was the chairman in those days when they were only 5 people. . . Apparently, the ruling PDP were in power then. “Whether the minutes are complete or not, it’s a bygone issue” Those concluding words of the chairman were the remaining ingredients needed to cause the chaos. He apparently took sides with some faction. I later learnt it was a matter of ogbeni’s OYES schemes which did not benefit some individuals and they were asking questions. This had been raised in the last meeting and was not included in the secretary’s minutes which he later told me that it was mumbled up at the last minute of the meeting and was not really presented in an organized form, so , apparently, he wrote it down in a disorganized form and left out the main cause of concern for the ‘alfa’ that raised the issue. By the way, he (alfa) claims he is a youth and he has white beards .
After that the whole meeting scattered, because one of the youths which is affected, I guess, decided that as opposed to the chairman, it was not a bygone issue, the words and abuses and threats and a show of who came to politics first before the other , bla bla bla continued for a short while and then I heard a call. All youths should please assemble here now, at first I thought it was a meeting to settle the issue, then I saw a man, say in his late thirties holding a bundle of money, and a 40-leaves notebook and then he said, please if your name is not here, you are not entitled to this money. And then another guy who was by his side started by calling his own name and taking his own 1000 naira, and so they called and called and called until the bundle was finished. So, where did the money come from?? Trust me, I found out!!! The local government chairman who also hails from my ward had earlier been summoned the meeting before by these 50 youths whose names were written down that day and complained to him that they were not receiving anything from the ward leaders, instead the ward leaders had neglected them, even though they (the youths now) had collected N300 each with the older women at the last meeting. So the chairman then promised to send them something in the next meeting. So I asked, Is that the norm?? The little boy, by the name sodiq who was the son of one of the “youths” told me that at times, they get some money and at other times they did not. And so, the meeting was over!
One thing I couldn’t help but notice was the road in front of this public school which led to the local government secretariat which is also close to this public school which was supposed to be handled by the local government chairman was neglected and had been neglected since before the ACN regime started and stil’ remains so. How then do you blame the chairman? Apparently, he gave them stipends to keep their mouths shut. Or for the case that I am wrong, maybe the money been given to these people have a legal standing in our constitution or exactly what is the political party meeting in every 15 days meant for if not to check the excesses of the local government chairman for the local government and the councilor in the case of the ward meeting, instead, we trade our development for stipends, N300 every 15 days for each member of the party. I even heard that there’s a board that consists of 21 members and each of the board members is required to show up at the end of the month to receive a N10,000 for being a board member and that is all. I have tried to find out exactly what they are responsible for in the board as the name “board” suggests that they are to do something except I am mistaken and I have still not gotten an answer from anybody, no ,not one.
This ACN, which I am most likely going to join as a political party is responsible for majority of the population of the would be APC in the south west that will hopefully deliver Nigeria from its shackles. . . (I laugh in IJESHA) and this APC is going to make things better than what PDP has done in the last 14 years.!!! Maybe , Maybe not . . . and believe me it sounds more like maybe not! She asked me if I am still going to go back there! My answer was an OF COURSE, YES!!! And I know you might be asking why I would join this same party, or why I would want to involve myself in such a disgraceful and shameless act, or why I would even want to go that low? My answer is this…. CHANGE IS NOT NEEDED IN A WORKING SOCIETY!!! IT’S NEEDED IN A FAILING SOCIETY AND WE CANNOT LEAVE THOSE WHO HAVE MADE IT FAIL TO CHANGE IT. Their mentality is that of making it fail,
You cannot solve a problem with the same knowledge(set of politicians) you had when you created the problem
Whoever said that
Nigeria NEEDS people that can really cause a change in the system. And except we all want to deceive ourselves, one good man amidst a thousand is not just ignored, he’s not recognized. So if you think change is your call, you might want to go and find out what is happening in your own ward meeting too and start the process of CHANGE.
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